Focus on Aviation

Among the industries that Navigator’s team specializes in is aviation and to date we have completed over 25 aviation related transactions that range in size from $5m to $150m and include divestitures, acquisitions and growth capital financings.

Typically our clients are among the broad base of suppliers that provide the thousands of subsystems and parts that go into manufacturing aircraft or repairing them. Within this group our focus is on mid-market companies with revenues of between $5m and $150m and EBITDA of at least $1m. However companies that have or are experiencing losses may be candidates for representation and are reviewed on case by case basis.

Moreover, to be successful for our clients we maintain relationships with well-known industry leaders as well as a diverse network of strategic buyers and private equity investors who have distinct interests in various segments of the market. For our clients this means that we are always well informed about current pricing trends and that we can work with niche companies and maximize their value by finding the best capital source or buyer.

For owners seeking to exit their companies we offer a proven divestiture methodology implemented through a disciplined program that leaves nothing to chance and is designed to obtain the highest price and best terms for your assets with the least amount of interference in your day to day operations.

For companies seeking growth capital we can access both debt and equity sources and conduct a preliminary analysis to identify the profile of the best capital source for your project.

For operators and investors seeking acquisitions we offer the capacity for them to institute a carefully crafted acquisition program that can be used to access off market opportunities or provide front end support for transactions that are desirable but are small and require hand holding.

If you are an aviation company and want to assess your competitive market positon contact us and request a complimentary financial analysis of your company that includes a preliminary market valuation.