Our Services

Navigator Capital has experience acquired expertise in both corporate finance and real estate transactions. Our services are not defined by the market we are working in but rather our client’s needs. In each engagement we provide transaction management services that are customer tailored to each client’s individual needs. And because the requirements of being successful are not based product type or market but leadership, communication and problem solving we can work across industries and product types with no loss of effectiveness. In many assignments our clients benefit from the diversity of our experience.

Corporate Finance

Sell-Side Representation

At Navigator Capital, we are skilled at representing clients seeking to sell their company and we focus on middle markets companies with revenues of between $5,000,000 and $100,000,000. We recognize and understand that in many cases these are family owned businesses and represent the life’s work of our client. As a result we are sensitive to the issues involved in selling and constantly seek innovative deal structures that maximize the benefits and eliminate the risks inherent in each transaction.
In each assignment we customize the following steps to achieve success:

 We perform an in-depth analysis of each client’s business to assess its operating performance, intrinsic value and potential for growth;

 We summarize our findings in an Executive Summary and Confidential Informational Memorandum that are used as educational resources to qualify interested parties;

 We implement a multi-media campaign to market the business opportunity as well as research, identify and contact suitable strategic and financial buyers;

 Once an offer is obtained we work closely with our client to negotiate the best terms, manage the due-diligence process and close the transaction.

Identification of Capital Sources

For clients seeking capital for growth Navigator Capital can facilitate your goals by implementing a disciplined program to identify qualified investors on favorable terms. Whether you are seeking debt or equity financing in each engagement we position our clients for success by effectively articulating your strategic vision in a compelling manner that will appeal to the broadest population of suitable investors or lenders. In each assignment we implement our Five Step Capital Program consists of the following:

 Evaluate alternative debt and equity options;
 Prepare a confidential Transaction Memorandum detailing the opportunity and strategically positioning the company;
 Identify lenders and/or investors and obtain a preliminary Term Sheet;
 Analyze and negotiate the pricing, covenants and other terms to determine the most beneficial proposal, and
 Supervise the investor/lender due diligence and close the capital event.

Real Estate Services

Navigator Capital offers advisory services on commercial real estate transactions with a primary focus on project financing. In each assignment our goal is to enable our clients to maximize their interests within the project financing process. This includes creating detailed, market derived financial projections that reflect logical outcomes that lenders and investors can use to conduct their own analysis.

Through our customized approach we can provide access to a broad range of financing products that include first mortgage debt, mezzanine debt, equity and where appropriate joint venture partners. Navigator Capital also has EB5 expertise with our principal's owning an USCIS approved regional center that can assist qualified investors access the international capital markets as an alternative source for lower cost, non recourse financing.

The principals of Navigator Capital also have market experience managing acquisition programs for investors including partnerships and family offices. These services range from project identification to providing independent market and financial analysis to assess each potential opportunity and then if required, managing the transaction to a closing.

The common goal in all of Navigator Capital’s real estate activities is to provide our clients with knowledge that will enhance the potential for them to achieve maximum returns within their stated risk parameters and targeted time horizon.

Navigator Capital is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida.

* Registered Representative, securities transactions are conducted through, BA Securities, LLC, Member FINRA and SIPC (www.finra.org) and (www.sipc.org) respectively, Conshohocken, PA.
Navigator Capital, LLC is not affiliated with BA Securities, LLC.